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燙金名片印刷 foiling business cards printing

燙金名片印刷 foiling business cards printing 是一種高端選擇,可以用金箔名片提升您的公司形象。 金屬箔效果為您的名片設計增添了獨特且引人注目的元素,以獲得最大的影響力。

在商業世界中,第一印像很重要。 這就是為什麼投資於從人群中脫穎而出的高質量名片很重要的原因。 實現這一目標的一種方法是使用鋁箔名片。


燙金名片印刷 Foiling business cards printing 獨特而優雅。 它們旨在為您的品牌增添一絲奢華和精緻。 燙印涉及使用加熱的金屬模具將薄薄的一層箔壓在卡片的表面上。 結果是閃亮的金屬飾面,可以捕捉光線並吸引眼球。

燙金名片有多種飾面可供選擇,包括金色、銀色、青銅色、紅色、藍色、綠色,甚至還有彩虹色箔紙。 此外,您還可以選擇星形或圓點等特殊圖案,打造反映您品牌身份的定制外觀。

Gold foil business cards are a high end option that can enhance your company image with gold foil business cards. Metallic foil effects add a unique and eye-catching element to your business card design for maximum impact.

In the business world, first impressions matter. That’s why it’s important to invest in high-quality business cards that stand out from the crowd. One way to achieve this is with foil business cards.

Foil business cards are unique and elegant. They are designed to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your branding. Hot stamping involves pressing a thin layer of foil onto the face of the card using a heated metal die. The result is a shiny metallic finish that catches light and draws the eye.

Foil business cards are available in a variety of finishes including gold, silver, bronze, red, blue, green, and even iridescent foil. Plus, you can choose from special patterns like stars or dots for a custom look that reflects your brand identity.

Here are some reasons why you should consider using foil business cards for your business:

印象 The impress

燙金名片印刷 Foiling business cards printing 令人印象深刻且令人難忘。 該名片閃亮的金屬飾面和獨特的質感使其從傳統名片中脫穎而出。 這可以給潛在客戶留下持久的印象,讓您的品牌更令人難忘。

提升您的品牌形象 Enhance your brand image

燙金名片與奢華、品質和精緻相關。 通過使用鋁箔名片,您可以提升品牌形象並在品牌周圍營造一種獨特感。 如果您在高端市場經營,這種方法尤其有效。

可 定 制 Customizable

燙金名片印刷 foiling business cards printing 有多種顏色,包括金色、銀色、青銅色、紅色、藍色、綠色,甚至還有彩虹色箔紙。 此外,您還可以選擇星形或圓點等特殊圖案,打造反映您品牌身份的定制外觀。

這意味著您可以選擇最能代表您品牌的箔紙顏色。 您還可以選擇在卡片的特定部分使用箔紙,例如您的徽標或聯繫方式,以獲得更引人注目的設計。

表現出對細節的關注 Demonstrate attention to detail

燙金名片印刷 foiling business cards printing 需要高超的技巧和對細節的關注才能製作。 這種對細節的關注體現在成品中,向潛在客戶表明您對您的品牌所呈現的內容感到自豪。

總之,如果您想給潛在客戶留下持久的印象並提升您的品牌形象,鋁箔名片是一個不錯的選擇。 它們可定制、耐用且令人印象深刻,並且非常注重細節。 那麼,當您可以擁有真正脫穎而出的鋁箔名片時,為什麼還要滿足於傳統名片呢?

What are the different types of business cards?

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    Business Cards

    Standard Business Cards

    Standard Business cards are cards bearing company information about a company or individual. Gloss or matt celloglazing finish are optional. A business card typically includes the company logo, name, contact personals name, title and contact information such as street addresses, telephone number, fax number, e-mail addresses, website and social media icon such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

    Foiling Business Cards

    Foiling Business Cards

    Foiling business cards are luxury range business cards. The metallic foil effect can add a little ‘bling bling’ to your company image for maximum impact. Foiling colours comes in many different colors, such as gold, silver, copper, rainbow …

    Spot UV business cards


    Spot UV business cards have a highlight effect that will make it more visually appealing, while the contrast makes your information more outstanding.

    Scodix business cards

    Scodix Business Cards with Velvet Laminate

    Scodix business cards are a very economical 3d effect option, which is combined spot UV & raised finish. Scodix can be applied on the card so you can use it to highlight your logo, text or even create a pattern on the background. Scodix business cards have a more modern look. It uses 450gsm stock & velvet laminate finish, which feels like silky velvet. Scodix are available in various finishes such as clear, silver or gold.

    Loyalty cards


    Loyalty cards (Coffee Cards) are given to a customer by a business used to record information about what the customer buys and to reward them for buying goods or services from the company. It is not only for coffee shops, but also suitable for other businesses, such as massage shops, beauty shops, various restaurants, scorecards for some products, etc.

    Calendar 2021 Business card


    Business card calendars are a great idea to promote your company for the whole year. it will come round corners.

    Design and Print Web Magnet 01

    Magnet Business Cards

    Magnet business cards are an efficient and good idea to improve business, and can also bring your business to every family. Magnet business cards are suitable for any kinds of business (Such as: real estates, flower shops, restaurants, beauty & hair salons, accountants, electrical company, plumbing company, bakery shops, child cares, travel agent, education coaching & coffee shops, etc.) to promote the company products, special offers, new product promo, etc.

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